Composition Competition



The international Guitar Festival of Thessaloniki Conservatories organizes during the 8th Guitar Festival in Thessaloniki the Competition of Composition for six-string guitar. The aim of that competition is to augment the modern repertory of the guitar.

  1. The competition of composition for the year 2021 requests one solo piece for classical guitar which not lasts less than four (4) minutes and no more than seven (7). The composition could be the motto of the competition. In that case, it could be used in all the activities of the 7th International Guitar Festival of Thessaloniki. The compositions which will be submitted, should not have been published or played in any other public concert, recital and should not have been reproduced or posted in social networks or other mass media before the ceremony of the festival. The compositions should be written for a six-string solo guitar.
  2. The competition is open to all composers regardless the nationality or the age. Every composer can participate with more than one pieces. As far as the participation is concerned the competitor shall send to the competition and at the following address

a) 1 copie of the sheet music as a PDF file. These, should not contain any information or reference which could allow the identification of the writer. The score should contain the name of the piece and its duration.

b) a recording of the piece as an mp3 file with the selected name in English as a title. This file must be sent with the sheet music.

c) A form of application, properly completed and signed in the correct points with : a name, surname, clear address (phone number, fax, e-mail) signed declaration that the composition is not published and a phone number and email address for any communication after the end of the competition.

-1 recently photo of the competitor

-A curriculum vitae

-A copy of the receipt of the entry fees

The participation must be sent until the 1st of December 2021.

The omission to observe the regulations which have been published above, may lead to the exclusion of the competitor from the festival.

  1. The registration fee for the contest is 30(thirty) Euro for the first play, whereas for the other opus which will be sent by the same composer the cost will be 20(twenty) Euro for each composition. (Every composer can send more than one composition in the contest).

The payment will be conducted as it follows:

– IBAN : GR2701107410000074160734682 for the 8th International Guitar Festival of Thessaloniki (Composition Competition)

The fee cannot be paid back.

  1. One international jury which consists of 5 (five) members at least whose names will be announced by the organizers, will be authorized to choose maximum 6 compositions for the award. The pieces which will be chosen, will be played by the guitarist and the Artistic Director of the International Guitar Festival of Thessaloniki Mr. Fotis Koutsothodoros at 20th of December 2021. The winner will be announced at 21st of December 2021.
  2. The music piece which will win, will be awarded with 500 (five hundred) Euro. The first award cannot be divided. The winning composition will be published. The winning piece will be performed in the presence of the composer during the 8th Guitar Festival of Thessaloniki and is going to be attended by artists, teachers, contestants in the guitar and specialized magazines. If there are any other prizes apart from those listed, they will be awarded during the ceremony.
  1. The jury has the right not to accord or to accord the award. The decision of the jury is definite.
  1. The application for participation in the contest, confirms that the contestants accept highly all the rules and regulations set at this present sheet.
  2. In case of any disagreement or difference of opinion on the regulations, the only valid text will be the present announcement written in Greek and completed with 8 (eight) paragraphs/sections (competent authority: the courts of Thessaloniki, Greece).

For information apply to the:

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